Frequently Asked Questions


Does bluebird offer a loss of Licence Assurance?

YES we Do!

Once accepted at Korean Airlines, bluebird aviation services offers in cooperation with our partner an excellent Loss of Licence assurance, not found anywhere else in the expat business, for a minumum amount of contribution, until the age of 65. Together with a very good commuting contract, it makes Korean Airlines a well worth employer. For more details please contact us.

Do I pay tax on my Korean salary?

Yes. The amount of Korean tax is already deducted from the Salary rates in the published list on this site. As pilots work as self employed contractors other payable tax is dependend on the pilot's home country and therefore own responsability.

Who pays my Korean salary and where?

Korean salary is paid by our American recruitment partner in the USA.

How strict is planning of the leave-time offered by Korean?

Korean Airlines will make sure that the time-off / leave time is 100% certain so you can plan on it. They are fully aware that time-off planning is the key item for expat pilots who work for them. And as they are a legacy carrier they can not afford to fiddle with that arrangement. It is subscribed by all our recruited pilots that Korean Airlines is a very thrustworthy and respectful employer.