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Benefits for commuting contractors

. Competitive pay and benefits
. Business class commuting to/from duty each month
. 12 days off per calendar month (9 days off + 3 travel days) *
. Industry standard travel benefits for crewmember & family
. 24 Vacation days per year
. 14 day Sick leave per year (10 for First Officers)
. Monthly per diem
. 5 star hotel accommodations throughout KAL's network
. 5 year contract terms with potential extensions to age 65
. Optional insurance plan

* Korean has a system of so called flight- and home-bases for expats. Every pilot can select a flight base which is the base where his 9 days leave starts. This can be any Airport in the world, with the only restriction that Korean has to have it as a destination in its extensive intercontinental network twice a week for a passenger flight. These 9 days can be increased with 2 days of the annual leave. This means that the monthly leave can be 9 + 2 + 3 = 14 days in a row from an airport close to hometown. On top of that Korean has home- bases, which is a base that a pilot can select during his working cyclus that he will frequent more than average, on request and can be the same base as his flight base.... But this is naturally only the case if his aircraft type has that airport in her network.

KAL operates domestically in South Korea serving 20 cities within the country, as well as international regional flights. Destinations include Busan, Jeju, Yeosu, Pohang, Ulsan.

To view the weekly route schedule & Korean Air destinations, please visit, Travelplanning>Flight Schedules. Select your desired 'Origin', then select Seoul/Incheon (ICN) under 'Destination' and click "Weekly Schedule".

As your operating base, your home in Seoul is the Hyatt Regency Incheon, the five star accommodation provided to all expat flight crew – located only a few minutes from the international airport and about 40 minutes from central Seoul. The hotel offers outstanding Korean food as well as delicious international cuisine with KAL flight crew enjoying discounts at the hotel's restaurants and bars, in addition to the range of activities and events marking special occasions and seasonal holidays.