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Selection Procedure

1. The Korean Air selection process consists of the following steps, Applicant sends CV/Resume to contact bluebird aviation services and/or Completes the bluebird/KAL application form/Detailed flight experience sheet and returns to us with copies of valid license, medical certificate and passport.

2. Upon confirmation of an applicant's availability for the interview process, the completed application will be forwarded to KAL for their internal review prior to the cutoff date each month for the following month's scheduled screening.

3. KAL will provide bluebird aviation services with a list of invited candidates for the following month's screening in Seoul upon which time the applicants, whether successful or not, will be notified immediately.

4. bluebird aviation services will coordinate travel dates and further application documents to be completed and submitted prior to the actual process in Seoul.

5. The screening process in Seoul will consist of four events including Medical, SIM evaluation, Personality Inventory test and Interview.

6. Usually within three weeks following the screening, successful candidates will be notified and a mutually agreed upon class start date for initial training purposes will be decided upon.

7. Non-type rated candidates will be required to obtain the appropriate rating prior to commencing course.

8. Signature and execution of bluebird- Employment Agreements, completion of final documentation required by KAL (Korean visa application) and coordination of travel dates and ticketing will take place.

9. Initial training, to include, ground school, SIM and line training will last approximately 3-4 months during which period the pilot has some leave limitations. Upon successful completion of this training the crewmember will commence line flight duties and has full leave benefits as mentioned in his contract.