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We as bluebird aviation services believe that Korean Airlines offers the best temporary employment contracts for airlinepilots who are willing to work hard and looking for a good trustworthy employer with no hidden traps in their contracts. The benefits are good for pilots that live in Europe and the United States because of their very good commuting offers (see explanation under BENEFITS), and the pay is good.

It is a proud legacy carrier wich means a.o. that the requirements are handled very strictly and there is no mercy during the extensive medical- and selectionprocess. Once you are selected and accepted though, you will have a fine employer!

That is the reason that Korean Airlines is bluebird aviation services' major contractor with an emphasis on B744 drivers and therefore has an prominent place on this website. We work in cooperation with Korean's own recruitment centre which means that we have very good contacts.

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The best way of getting into the process and get more information is mail direct to us.